Welcome to Falcondale!

This is the official front page for The Dungeoneers of Awesome, a 13th Age campaign set in a homebrew world (but good homebrew, not the homebrew that has been fermenting in your neighbor’s carport for the last few weeks and he’s been inviting you to try it out but you’ve been avoiding him because you borrowed his hedge trimmer to do some light gardening and broke it when you accidentally tried to saw that old bike lock off of your bike so you can finally ride it again and doesn’t that just serve you right for trying to get fit). I dunno. What am I supposed to put on the front page? Right! The campaign!

It’s two parts high adventure, one part swashbuckling heroics, a dash of danger, and a soup├žon of The End of the World. In short, we’re mixing a cocktail of excitement and by God, we’re getting hammered!

Enjoy, won’t you?

Dungeoneers of Awesome

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