Dungeoneers of Awesome

Granny Smith and Doctor Jones

iPhun, Relf, and Zinoviya's Underground Romp. 12/30/15

iPhun, Relf, and Zinoviya were hired by Nikolas and his nameless, eccentric son to make sure his Grandmother’s tomb was secured. Kobold raids have been on the rise and they’ve been spotted near the town. After making Nikolas give them his lovely fur coat as a down payment, iPhun, Relf, and Zinoviya agreed to take the gig.


The three heroes set off to the ruins where Grandma had requested to be buried. When they arrived, they were ambushed by a circus of Kobold Skyclaws. Luckily, the little winged bastards managed to blow themselves up before any real harm was done to the party.

Once the battle was over, the heroes discovered two tombs: one marked “Smith” and the other marked “Jones.” It was at that point they realized they forgot to ask Nikolas his last name. The ""Smith" tomb contained a casket with a rotted corpse in it, but the “Jones” tomb had a secret passage that led into some underground tunnels. Following their instincts they went down into the dungeon and encountered three undead soldiers. Much gauntlet-slapping later, they found a +1 Greataxe of Abandon, which Zinoviya kept for herself. She promised iPhun the axe, but has yet to deliver on that.

Around the corner, they met a human named Chappy. He thanked them for saving him and insisted on coming along with them to find the treasure. He turned out to be kind of a douchenozzle and a fight broke out.


They quickly dispatched the buffoon and discovered a map to the dungeon and a wanted poster with Chappy’s face on it.

They continued on, encountering Wibbles, giant spiders, and a Spider-Mage. It was a hard-won battle, exhausting the team, but they found a bit of gold and returned to Nikolas to let him know that his Granny Smith’s body was now safe.


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