Dungeoneers of Awesome

The Kobold Dungeon, Part 1

Session 01/01/2015

FRAC, Nevermore, Wand Sheister and Zinoviya were hanging around a tavern, when they were approached by Abner Silverbell, an engineer and stoner. He was out scouring the frontier for ancient machinery (a gear here, a bit of brass there), when he saw a massive shape swoop in and steal quite a lot of shiny bits from a scrap yard. He believes a dragon is taking machine parts. For what reason? Who knows? Wand Sheister recognized Abner’s behavior as that of one who enjoys herbal supplements, and provided him with a bit of “The Good Stuff.” Abner was pleased.

They went in the direction instructed by Abner, and came across some ruins. There, Wand Sheister saved them all from a fire trap concealed in some plants. They entered and were assaulted by Kobold Skyclaws, a couple of Kobold Engineers, and Kobold Dogriders. These last few creatures set FRAC off. FRAC and Professor Hurricane turned them into Kobold Paste, and the heroes soldiered on.

They were soon confronted by an Ochre Jelly, which proceeded to split in two and smack the heroes about a bit, until it was finally overcome. FRAC was hurting, and when they discovered a pool of strange, golden liquid, FRAC stepped into it and was restored to full health. They filled some flasks with the Forge Honey and continued on to the next part of their dangerous, underground journey.


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