Dungeoneers of Awesome

The Kobold Dungeon Part 2

Of Steam and Stabbing

Shortly after killing the Ooze and finding a regeneration pool for FRAC, Wand Sheister was swept up in swirling lights and vanished. The remaining members of the party (FRAC, Nevermore and Zinoviya) weren’t quite sure if that was the norm for Wand, and moved on. They finally came to a set of iron doors marked Kobold claw marks.

They entered the massive room and were greeted by STEAMSPITTOR, a metal, steam-powered, dragon-shaped construct. Recognizing Steamspittor as a creature of similar origin, FRAC immediately attempted to make friends. This greeting was met with a blast of superheated steam to the face. FRAC raged like a 14 year-old in the comments section of a gaming forum and smashed away at it with their massive warhammer. ZInoviya, aided by Nevermore’s motivational skills, used Breath of the White, unleashing a torrent of freezing hell from her face and causing Steamspittor no end of torment. Repeated bashing from the team took the mechanical monster down. As it fell apart, however, the heroes discovered that Steamspittor was not an automaton, but a vehicle, operated by three nasty Kobolds covered in burn blisters.

Once the little boiled bastards were taken care of, the party went through the remains of Steamspittor, finding some small cogs which looked like they may have been created pre-Event, or at least around the same time as FRAC. They also found a set of Sorcerer’s armor, which Zinoviya scooped up and took as her own (as a magic item, it has a slight personality quirk in that it’s addicted to spellcasting).

The dragon they had sought was instead a creation of some mad Kobolds. For what end, nobody knows. They’re Kobolds. They’re batshit crazy.

The party came back to town to speak with Abner Silverbell, who sent them off on the quest in the first place. Tavern keeper Torg Mistletoe, on loan from the Falcongate Inn, broke the news: Abner is dead, killed by Kobolds. The murderers were hunted down by the town guard and taken out. He also let the adventurers know that Goblins and Orcs have been spotted near the south road. Rumor has it they’re on their way to Ulfgrin. It was then that Nevermore noticed that the usual riff-raff weren’t there at the tavern that day. They had been replaced by much quieter clientele.

One of these new folks, after staring at the party for a while, stated “The regulars have gone now. This place is ours. You’d best leave.” Zinoviya stepped out of the tavern for some bread that she had spotted earlier in the window of a shop. Unfortunately, she walked right into the pair of Gnoll assassins that had been waiting outside to ambush the party. The Tiefling didn’t make it back inside until she had three arrows in her torso and a handful of hit points left. FRAC and Nevermore took to the back door to battle one of the Gnolls, while Zinoviya stayed at the front, holding off the other one for as long as possible. The Gnoll proved to be too much for ZInoviya and she was taken down by a pair of very lucky hits from its axe. But down doesn’t mean out, and her unnatural desire for bread sustained her long enough to pop back into consciousness and kill the Gnoll with a well-placed Chaos Bolt. Nevermore worked on healing Zinoviya and chipped away at the other Gnoll until FRAC made Hyena paste out of the would-be killer. The mysterious man who requested they leave went back to his drink.

The bodies of the Gnolls were searched. Other than gold coins, nothing of note was found on them. This worried Nevermore as normally the gangs in town have their symbols tattooed somewhere on their body. These Gnolls had no such indications of any affiliation. They were out-of-towners brought here to do the job.

ZInoviya took her near-death experience as a sign and bought a lot of bread. A LOT of bread.


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