Dungeoneers of Awesome


The Story so far


It all started with the End of the World.

About 500 years ago, a cataclysm tore reality apart and shattered The World. Nobody knows exactly what it was or how it happened, but it turned everything inside out. Civilization was cast in ruin, strange aberrations ran amok, and, the term “clusterfuck” was coined.

The year is now 515 AE, or “After Event.” The World has gotten itself back up on its feet over the last half-millennium and begun to stretch out again. Luckily, some pre-event knowledge has gotten them much farther than they would have been had they started from scratch. Magic and pre-event technology have been reintroduced and re-integrated into society over the past few centuries, though not always in the way they were originally intended. One or two larger cities are rumored to be able to harness magic to provide light and heat to their people, and propel them on rails as a mode of transport. But that’s a long way from where we’re starting. Half a world, in fact. And that’s pretty much as far as you can get (if you assume this world is round).

As civilization pushes out into the frontier, more and more hints of the Pre-Event world are being uncovered. The magic is older and harder to master. The knowledge is deeper and stranger.

Sitting on the edge of this frontier is the town of Falcondale. Not as cosmopolitan as Goldenhelm or Anashar, but it is definitely bustling. Archaeologists, adventurers, and treasure-seekers come from all over to call Falcondale their home. From the Falconwood to Nightshadow Marsh, the world outside Falcondale is rich with ancient tombs, deserted ruins and abandoned mines. Of course, it is also fraught with trouser-filling terrors the likes of which no one has seen in centuries.

Doomsayers fear another Event is on the horizon. Others fear the possibility of Orcs and Goblins amassing at Ulfgrin. And rumors have come down from The North that Dragons have begun to openly attack. It’s a dangerous, exciting time. Or as some call it, “the Eve of the Clusterfuck.”


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