Level 2 Forgeborn Barbarian


FRAC knows very little about the passage of time. They know of three distinct “ages” within their existence.

The Making: They have little memory of this time. What they do know is that they were made for a purpose (as were their siblings), but they were deemed “faulty” and unable to perform.

The Waiting: FRAC was branded “FRACTUM”, and abandoned in an enormous junk yard. They tinkered and trained, never curious about the world outside the yard. The only clue the mark the passage of time is the gradual wearing on the last three letters of the chest brand.

The Guardianship: One morning, FRAC is roused by the cries of a small animal. Something compelles them to climb over the wall of the junk yard, where they find a small grey kitten, nearly dead from exposure. This discovery marks the beginning of the current age. FRAC leaves the junk yard with the kitten (who tells FRAC his name is Professor Hurricane) in search of food. They take on small quests from people they meet along the way, in order to purchase food, milk, and a growing supply of play things and soft, fluffy bedding for The Professor. Over time Professor Hurricane encourages FRAC to work with other adventurers.

*FRAC has a specialized compartment inside their chest. This compartment was designed to carry some sort of highly potent (and possibly magical) explosive device. FRAC’s compartment is empty, and this is where they house Professor Hurricane while they are in dangerous situations. The compartment is sealed, temperature and atmosphere controlled, and balanced to withstand even the most powerful of blows.


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