Level 2 Human Bard


One Unique Thing

Storybook character brought to life through Dark Magics


Falcondale Rooftop Vigilante and Dispenser of Justice: +5
Endearingly Mad Self-Narrating Storyteller: +5

Str 8
Con 12
Dex 16
Int 10
Wis 14
Cha 18

AC 16, PD 13, MD 15

Powers & Spells

Battle Chant (+6 vs MD, 1d6+4 Thunder Damage, triggers Battle Cries)
Song of Heroes (Recharge 11+ after battle, Quick Action 11+ Sustain, Opening/Sustained: You and nearby allies gain a +1 attack bonus until the start of your next turn, Final Verse: Effect ends immediately, but one ally of your choice gains a +2 bonus on their next attack)
Soundburst (Daily, Target 1d4 nearby enemies in a group, +6 vs PD, 5d6+4 Thunder Damage + Dazed until the end of your next turn)
Wizard: Utility Slot (Disguise Self, Feather Fall, Hold Portal)
Cantrip: Ghost Sound
Cantrip: Knock
Cantrip: Mending

Melee Attack

+5 vs AC, 2d8+3 Damage, Miss: 2 damage


Move it! (Natural Even Roll, Free Move/Disengage Check)
Pull it together! (Natural 11+, 2x/Battle, Heal w/Recovery)
We need you! (Natural Even Hit, Roll for Save Ends)


Jack of Spells (Wizard: Utility Spell)
Battle Skald (+1 Battle Cries)
Loremaster +2 Background +1 Icon


Battle Skald (1/battle use Cry for self, +1 Cry)
Battle Chant (now does d6 damage)
Jack of Spells (3 Cantrips, CHA for spells)


Nevermore Journal

1015, Winterpeak 1
My nightly patrols in Falcondale have silenced crime, and sent it hiding in the dark places. To seek it out I have joined with others who would battle injustice — a group of “adventurers”.

They all seem to be fine people, so far. Even the… golem(?) seems generally sweet, saving its rages for evil. Perhaps the kitten is a good influence on it. The yin to Falcondale Crime Boss "Socko"s yang, perhaps? That sock puppet creeps me out…

“Wand Sheister” may be a small time criminal. Keep an eye on them.


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